Riverview Custom Homes

At Riverview Custom Homes we don’t build a home and then try to sell it to you – we build YOUR home.

Quite possibly this will be the most amazing project that you will ever undertake. Certainly it can have its worrying moments and there might even be the odd occasion when you wonder why you ever started down this road in the first place.

However, as you begin to see your home take shape incorporating all the features that YOU have chosen – the colors of the paint, the wallpaper, the timbers used for the cabinets, doors and stairway, the deluxe fittings in the bathroom and kitchen, the workshop area in the garage – there comes a day when you realize that you have the best home in the world.

Why? Because YOU designed it. It reflects your personality and it contains everything you could ever desire. Nothing is missing from this magical home because everything about it is yours. Not only that, it is unique. Nobody else in the world has a home quite like this.

From the moment that the machinery breaks the first piece of ground to the day that you accept the keys you are present for the whole of the experience. This is your concept and there is nothing quite like the thrill of seeing it unfolding before your eyes, knowing that in a few weeks time you will be living the dream.

Everything is exactly as you imagined in your mind’s eye that it would be. No matter how fantastic it may have seemed at the outset, if you have the means it is yours. If you can conceive it, at Riverview Custom Homes we can create it.


We put our heart and soul into producing the finest workmanship that you have seen anywhere. It is your home and we are not happy with it until you are over the moon.

At Riverview Custom Homes we don’t just build homes; we create lives.

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