Riverview Custom Homes

At Riverview Custom Homes we don’t build a home and then try to sell it to you – we build YOUR home.

Quite possibly this will be the most amazing project that you will ever undertake. Certainly it can have its worrying moments and there might even be the odd occasion when you wonder why you ever started down this road in the first place.

However, as you begin to see your home take shape incorporating all the features that YOU have chosen – the colors of the paint, the wallpaper, the timbers used for the cabinets, doors and stairway, the deluxe fittings in the bathroom and kitchen, the workshop area in the garage – there comes a day when you realize that you have the best home in the world.

Why? Because YOU designed it. It reflects your personality and it contains everything you could ever desire. Nothing is missing from this magical home because everything about it is yours. Not only that, it is unique. Nobody else in the world has a home quite like this.

From the moment that the machinery breaks the first piece of ground to the day that you accept the keys you are present for the whole of the experience. This is your concept and there is nothing quite like the thrill of seeing it unfolding before your eyes, knowing that in a few weeks time you will be living the dream.

Everything is exactly as you imagined in your mind’s eye that it would be. No matter how fantastic it may have seemed at the outset, if you have the means it is yours. If you can conceive it, at Riverview Custom Homes we can create it.


We put our heart and soul into producing the finest workmanship that you have seen anywhere. It is your home and we are not happy with it until you are over the moon.

At Riverview Custom Homes we don’t just build homes; we create lives.

Choosing A Homebuilder – Things You Should Consider…

If you are considering having a home built to order there are a few things that you need to take into consideration.

Quite obviously you want a reputable builder with many years of experience – for example, Riverview Custom Homes is a respected local company – and one that you can be certain won’t let you down three quarters of the way through the project.

It makes sense to talk to friends or relatives who have had a custom-built home; they may be able to recommend a good company, or even steer you away from another with which they have had a bad experience. However, the majority of people will never have a custom-built home so you may well not have relatives or friends with any experience.

You should certainly check if a potential builder is a member of any organizations – and if so, which ones. Local real estate agents may also have connections with builders. It is well worth asking them.

If you look through the real estate listings of your local newspaper you should find some information on local developers and the type of homes they are building. Some of the better known ones include Riverview Custom Homes; it is always sound advice to opt for businesses with a decent track record.

When you have a short list of builders you should ask them if they can show you testimonials and give you the addresses of properties they have recently built so that, at the very least, you can drive by and have a look at them.

It is a very good idea to drive/walk by on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Often you will find that the owners are outside doing chores. If you can get talking to them, explaining that you are considering having a property built by the same building company, you will often find that you will get a wealth of information that you could obtain nowhere else.

If they are happy they will almost certainly tell you, and if they are not it’s a pretty good bet that they will tell you that as well.

It’s always worth taking a notebook with you. You won’t necessarily remember everything afterwards, but if you have a few notes written down it will help later on.

Among other local custom home builders, Riverview Custom Homes not only have a wealth of experience, but they make much of their warranties. Many builders give a ten year warranty, but you may find that after the first year or two, they are, in fact, very limited, if you read the small print.

Where Riverview Custom Homes are concerned they make a great point of their warranty in their initial sales literature. This gives you confidence that they will stand by what they say and that, if, by chance, anything does go wrong they will fix it even if the house is nine years and eleven months old.

Better still, if you think about it, is that they themselves have confidence in the homes they build because – after all – they don’t want any problems to arise any more than you do.


Points To Consider When Having A Luxury Home Built


If you are thinking of hiring a builder to construct a luxury home there are a few things to bear in mind.

Obviously you want a builder who is reputable, but the majority of people cannot afford to have a custom home built, so you may find that you don’t know anyone in your circle of friends who can give you a recommendation.

One tip that should go without saying is to read, but more importantly UNDERSTAND everything in the contract before you sign it.

For instance, many contracts now include a clause stating that any dispute will be decided by binding arbitration. There is nothing wrong with that so long as you understand that if you accept it and anything goes wrong you cannot take the builder to court; you can only go through the process of arbitration.

Some builders will use tricks to keep the contract price down in order to win the contract in the first place. For instance, let us assume that the allowance for light fixtures is somewhere between $1,000 and $1,500 which is fairly standard. In practice, when you start shopping for the fixtures you will often find that the total comes to double that.

In many instances another problem is getting the builder to return to fix any faults. When you are having the house built you simply can’t wait to get the construction workers out of sight; later on you can’t find them with a posse.

Take great care with warranties. Most ten year warranties are limited in what they cover, especially after the second year. In many instances you will find that the house has to virtually fall down on top of you before you can make any claim.

One custom house builder with a good track record is Riverview Custom Homes. One of their major selling points is their warranty and they make a big feature of it. This means that you can be confident that if anything does go wrong they will come back and fix it. Fortunately, this is a rare occurrence because they build to a standard in the first place, but at least their warranty gives you peace of mind.